The detailed guidelines about Kodi software

Why and when you need to use Kodi? Read the following description and find out more about software everyone is talking about. You will enjoy it!

Kodi: why and how to use

Kodi's features and interface

Let's know more about Kodi's interface and how to manage it. Its left-hand side includes a vertical menu. This is a place where you can see all your media data, for instance, music, TV-shows, movies, and so on. The menu seems like any other file manager and is easy-to-use. Also, you can see a search bar on this site. It allows you to find local content and files from YouTube or TheMovieDB.

Let's know more about Kodi:

Supporting content in Kodi

In general, there is no problem to add new content to your Kodi library. The user needs to make several clicks and enjoy his media to be well-organized. Here is the step-by-step instruction:

  • find the type of content you want to add in the left-hand menu;

  • choose files you want to upload;

  • add a title for your source.

Easy steps to personalize your Kodi account

Kodi community cared about users and made several skins to optimize the app look in several seconds. To change it, you need to open interface settings and select a skin you like. There are all documents for app skins if you need it, including professional support. Notice that two interface skins look very similar, but only one is prepared for devices with touch screens.

Also, you are free to download and install different add-ons to improve your Kodi. Usually, such extras are created by the Kodi community and supported by the head developers at the company. Users can choose extras they like and customize their own library in simple steps. You can find your already installed extras on the menu. Also, you are free to open the add-ons browser to see more. Just remember that all extras will be sorted involving the use.

Kodi and VPN

If you wonder about using a VPN or not, then there are two answers to your question. Your choice totally depends on the way you want to use this app. If your Kodi account is created to organize your own files in your media library, then you don't need VPN. But if you plan to use extras that require your network connection, then VPN may be useful. A virtual private network will protect you from being spied on.

At the same time, don't be misunderstood. A virtual private network is not a magic wand to protect your account from different dangerous situations. For example, if the user starts downloading a virus with legal extra, a VPN wouldn't be able to recognize and prevent it. So, you should use a virtual private network at the sole judgment.

Kodi doesn't propose any VPN add-ons. That's why it is recommended to run VPN on the gadget from which you plan to run Kodi. Such an action will make your outgoing traffic safe. Be sure there are numerous good applications for different operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, etc.

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